26 1960s garage-rock killers from the Detroit area


Psychedelic garage, morose weirdo loner garage, surf-y garage, proto-punk garage rock, and organ-driven garage jams that became international hits — we’ve got all that and more, right here, daddy-o.

This list is not “ranked,” FYI, they're just numbered because it's easier to read, and we pulled some well-known tunes and some you might not even know about. Hope you like!

1. MC5, “Looking At You”

2. Unrelated Segments, “Story Of My Life”

3. Pleasure Seekers, “What A Way to Die” 

4. The Keggs, “To Find Out”

5. Question Mark and the Mysterians, “96 Tears”

6. Spike Drivers, "Strange Mysterious Sounds"

7. The Orange Wedge, “From the Womb to the Tomb”

8. The Stooges, “1969”

9. The Index, “Eight Miles High”

10. The Attack, “School Daze”

11. The Underdogs, “Get Down on Your Knees”

12. The 4 Of Us, “Batman”

13. Tidal Waves, “Farmer John”

14. SRC, “Black Sheep”

15. Nick and the Jaguars, “Ich-I-Bon #1”

16. Frijid Pink, “House of the Rising Sun”

17. Mystic Siva, “Supernatural Mind”

18. Shy Guys, “We Gotta Go”

19. The Mushrooms, “Burned”

20. Dick Wagner and The Frosts, "Sunshine"

21. The Illusions, “City of People”

22. Mama Cats, “Miss You”

23. The Rationals, “Respect”

24. Beaux Jens, “She Was Mine”

25. Third Power, "Snow"

26. Bob Seger System, “2+2=?”