Become the youth gone wild, Skid Row performs at Token Lounge


  • Flickr: Jamiecat

Skid Row returned to the big stage opening for Kiss in 2000. Exhilarated to tour with the heroes who rallied them in the first place, the band was reinvigorated by being underdogs who needed to come out fighting to prove themselves. “When we put the band back together, we needed to reintroduce Skid Row as relevant without relying too much on past success,” bassist Rachel Bolan says. “We wrote songs and hit the road. We sunk our heart and soul into it, letting people know we weren’t doing it for lack of anything better to do.”

Friday, July 22nd @ The Token Lounge. Doors at 6 p.m.; Token Lounge, 28949 Joy Rd., Westland;; tickets are $25-$35.