Check out this sick mural of Danny Brown


We're not really sure how we can express our love of Danny Brown anymore, considering we wrote about him here, and here, oh — and also here. We have a massive crush and we don't give a fuck who knows.

So in case you haven't been keeping up with the Danny Brown news, the Detroit rapper's fourth LP entitled Atrocity Exhibition comes out this Friday(!!!) and we cannot control our excitement. 

What truly sent us over the edge was this photo that XXL Magazine tweeted yesterday. It's an amazing mural featuring Danny Brown's face looking like some strange version of Two-Face from the Batman comics.

As you can see in the caption, the mural is somewhere in Detroit. If you have any idea where this masterpiece is located let us know!

And take a listen to Brown's latest single from the upcoming LP called "Really Doe" featuring another office favorite Kendrick Lamar.