Don't miss MadeinTYO and Big Sean at the Fox on Saturday


MadeinTYO is blowing up for a reason. In anticipation of his show this Saturday, April 1 at the Fox Theatre as part of Big Sean's 'I Decided' tour, we
  • MadeinTYO. Photo by Masatoshi Yamashiro.
 spoke with the young artist about his life, the universe, and everything. Tickets are still available, but don't sleep on on of the shows of the year, OK.

Metro Times: Word came out last week that Pharrell will be doing work on your new album. How exciting is that for you?
MadeinTYO: Pharrell is a legend. He's someone who has set trends and pushed the culture for years, and he's still doing it. I’m blessed to be able to work with him.

MT: You lived part of your childhood in Tokyo. How do you think that affected you as a person and as an artist?
MadeinTYO: Japanese culture is super lit. Everything, from the fashion to the food, leaves little impressions that have become part of my music.

MT: How would you describe your style?
MadeinTYO: Effortless.

MT:What else can you tell us about your upcoming album?
MadeinTYO: It's going to be crazy! So many new doors have opened. I’m gonna have some crazy features on there.

I just want to continue to grow as an artist, and I think people are gonna see that in the new music.

MT: Have you even been to Detroit before? And if so; what sort memories do you have?
MadeinTYO: I’ve been there before... we were there on The Private Club tour. The crowd showed a lotta love!

MT: What can we expect at a MadeinTYO show?
MadeinTYO: You can expect lots of energy and to pipe the fuck up!

MT: Lastly; how has fatherhood affected your outlook on your career?
MadeinTYO: I’m more focused than ever and just trying to win!

  • MadeinTYO. Photo by Masatoshi Yamashiro.