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12" pop shots



Portable Turntable

This record bag-ready, battery-operated portable turntable with a kicking little internal speaker destroys any excuse for not owning a record player. At a mere $99, it’s time to get down to Vibes New and Rare records (145000 8 Mile, Suite 203) and start buying R&B 45s and disco 12”s!

Allen Gamble
“Your Mind is Mine” b/w Robert Hood “Monobox mix”
Fusion Technology

Claiming power over your audience — “Your Mind is Mine” — is a very acid house idea and one that producer/label owner Allen Gamble refuses to give up on this, his second, double-sided 12” with UR-founder and techno kingpin Rob Hood. As only the fifth release for this techno label (located in Keego Harbor!), the chosen retro feel is a both a nod to influences and a call to arms. Gamble says a future release with London’s Swayzak is on its way. (

Jerry the Cat
The Statements EP (“Preemptive Revenge”/”Politics of the First”)
Psychostasia Recordings

One part drum cadence, two parts acid and political overtones, percussionist Jerrald James aka Jerry the Cat’s first release for executive producer/label owner Reggie Doke’s Psychostasia is a fine physical dance floor workout with touches of synth strings, descending electro riffs and multi-layered percussion ricochets. The two tracks featured here are repeated on the back. (More info at

Soundmuderer & SK-1
“Soundclash”/”Search & Destroy”

If drum & bass cut-up artists Tadd Mullinix (SK-1) and Todd Osborne (Soundmurderer) aren’t the blackest white men in Detroit, then I must be missing the crunk-country hybrids playing on the New Country station. Referring to the snare sample that has become the basis of D&B, “Soundclash” is a “Detroit amen mash up!” (as carved into the inner-groove of the record), with sampled Jamaican vocals and the heaviest, most painful riffs dropped on top. Not for the jungle-faint of heart. (

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