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Abandoned Shelter of the Week

Broken children’s toys, shoes and liquor bottles litter the yard of this week’s featured abandoned house at 4840 McDougall on the city’s east side. The home, built in 1910, stands sandwiched between another abandoned house and a trash-laden vacant lot. According to a neighbor the house has been abandoned for at least three years.

The back of the building is badly fire-damaged on the second level; what is left of the sagging roof threatens to collapse. The bare windows provide an inside glimpse of waterlogged mattresses and toppled kitchen appliances.

City records show the house jumped in assessed value from $3,950 in 2001 to $25,550 in 2002, which makes no sense unless they are including all the junk inside the building in the sale price. Attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful.

Text by editorial intern Ryan Brewer.
Photo by editorial intern Rachel McIntyre.

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