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Abandoned Shelter of the Week

This week’s abandoned eyesore casts a dark shadow over a quiet residential neighborhood on Arlington Street, just north of McNichols.

Painted a deceptively cheery blue, the side of the house is curiously accentuated with a bright sunshine-yellow dot, reminiscent of the Heidelberg Project. However, this house is no work of art; the smashed windows and charred doors gape open and unboarded, inviting anyone to come in and explore. According to neighbors, it’s been vacant for about six years.

As she attempted to corral the two toddlers winding around her feet, one of those neighbors said she’d noticed activity in the house before the fire, and assumed it was either drug-related or “vagrants.”

In fact, the spooky, burned shell could be irresistible to your average curiosity-driven child; News Hits hopes the owner can scrape up a few boards for the entrances before some adventure-seeking tot goes crashing through a rotting floorboard.

Photo and text by Sarah Klein.

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