Acoustic Routes

When: Sat., Jan. 21, Sun., Jan. 22 and Sun., Jan. 29 2017

Kicking off the fifth season — and 60th show — of Acoustic Routes, Michigan traditional musicians and pals Matt Waltroba and Robert Jones will take the audience through 60 years of American music, from bluegrass, to rock ‘n’ roll, to a little bit of hip-hop. The 61st show (which takes place on Jan. 29) will present New Orleans-based Luke Winslow-King, a master of delta blues, jazz, and “roots rock ‘n’ roll.” His music has enough grace that his songs aren’t an homage to a past era, but they’re a unique take that makes listeners feel like that period of great music never came to an end. Doors open at 8 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; 107 W. Michigan Ave., Saline;; Tickets are $15.

Price: $15