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All Dolled Up: Martin Michalek loves books, dust, and dusty books


Martin Michalek was spotted looking fashionable while waiting in line recently for Theatre Bizarre tickets at the Rust Belt Market. He hails from Detroit and is a talented poet. He also writes songs, studies languages, and says "chill" quite often. Martin likes to collect dust, books, dusty books, records, trinkets, and art. He really enjoys traveling, but dislikes coming home, saying, "What is a return ticket, if not a return to our problems?" He is a member of the Communist Party and the Academy of American Poets. He is currently looking for bandmates with similar taste who wish to become famous. You can find his music on, and his writing on He loves fashion, and his favorite places to shop are Thrift on the Avenue,, and

T-shirt (altered by Martin), Lord & Taylor: $20

Marc Ecko Blazer, Lord & Taylor: $80

Scary Trousers, from a cruel girl's kind mother: gift

White Duke Chelsea Boots, Florsheim: $120

Double-sided Lennon-esque cap, girl from the Old Miami: $25

St. Sebastian Necklace, Boston Tea Room (Ferndale): $20

Key to the City of Detroit Necklace, Detroit Mercantile Company: $65

Celtic Tree Necklace, Rust Belt Market: $25

Rings, Eastern Market and Cadillac Square and one was a gift from a belle: $10

Swatch Watch: gift

Pocket Square, Ben Sherman: $48

Polka dot scarf, Pretty Green: $55

Bracelets, Pretty Green: $48

Fishtail plait belt, Ben Sherman: $40

TOTAL..... $556