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Prrrrrfect! There are more masturbation mechanisms on the market! Toys in Babeland, a clicks-and-mortar sex toy store, is offering some new toys for the feisty and indiscreet female, with its wild array of campy vibrators. Cool out, Mary Kay, here cums Lipstick Vibe — screw the black top off this tube of pink “lipstick” and discover the smooth sensations of a battery-powered vibrator, for some easy action on the go. Or pick up the pace and get feeling supersonic with the Pulsonic Bullet. This six-speed vibrator has four pulse settings that allow you to customize your ride. Fear not, girls — Lipstick Vibe makes it happen for $18, and Pulsonic Bullet’s price for pleasure is only $35. Visit the Seattle or New York store locations, browse at your leisure or call 800-658-9119.

(And here’s a little-known vibrator fact: A survey conducted by San Francisco’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies showed the “most typical” buyer of the Eager Beaver vibrator, made by the sex-toy company Xandria, turned out to be suburban, Christian, Republican, white, monagamously married, college-educated and a 30-something female. Try that one on for size.)

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