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Almost normal



As is the rest of America, News Hits is struggling to move on. All the pundits agree that the best way to show we’ve not been defeated by terrorism is to suck it up and return to life as we lived it before Sept. 11. And that’s what is happening, sort of. David Letterman is back on the air telling jokes. Professional football and baseball have resumed play. Bus drivers and mail carriers and farmers and businesspeople are all plowing ahead. There is no choice, really. Food must be put on the table, bills have to be paid. And so we proceed, returning to our old routines. But all is not normal, and everyone knows it. Uncertainty fills the air, a looming, omnipresent shadow, spreading across our thoughts whether we like it or not, a constant reminder that what happened that day makes everything else seem trivial by comparison. We continue to mourn, and continue searching for ways to cope with what seems like mass depression, all the while waking each morning knowing that we must keep on keeping on, because that’s what has to be done. Such is life. In that spirit, we proceed with all the news that’s fit to hit.

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