ANDREW W.K. at Metro Times Blowout

When: Wed., April 29, 11:30 p.m. 2015

One could call the staying power of Andrew W.K. baffling. The rise of “I Get Wet” followed by the universal shoulder shrugs of his following albums might have relegated his output to Jock Jams status. Yet W.K. never wavered in his commitment to positivity and partying. His persona which may have seemed fabricated at first became more genuine as time passed. A trust began to befall W.K. – a belief reverberating through his 320,000 Twitter followers, his advice column, his self-help books – that he just wants you to enjoy life, be happy and party. So just let go and believe in the true Zen master of party. His arms are open. Walk into his dirty, white clothed embrace. Check for up-to-date venue and time information.