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Ask a Juggalo: What flavor of Faygo is most popular with Juggalos?



Q: What flavor of Faygo is most popular with Juggalos?

A: Traditionally speaking, I would say your Rock & Rye, your Moon Mist, and your Faygo Cola would definitely be your most predominant Juggalo flavors. The newest cup of tea would definitely be Cotton Candy. I've already been shipping it out to my boys on the West Coast left and right. I've already sent out about 36 20-ouncers. Basically, if it wasn't for shipping being so expensive, I'd be shipping out case after case. It does get to be a little bit of a cost issue.

But the thing is, at one point, Faygo had a contest to come up with a new flavor, and ICP basically asked for all Juggalos to participate in order for ICP to be able to get their own flavor: Insane Clown Cherry Cola. Juggalos came out of the woodwork and for sure — lock, seal, and deal — won the contest. Unfortunately, we were turned down because they're a "family" product —and, unfortunately, not a Juggalo family product.

Now, I can tell you this. Cotton Candy is one of the newest flavors and if that doesn't scream the word "Juggalo," I don't know what does. I know that ICP has tried forever to get Faygo to sponsor or endorse them and they have shut them down every single time. The bastards. They say it's a family business but you cannot tell me that with Cotton Candy coming out — that is as close to a Dark Carnival flavor coming out as I can think of. And it really tastes like cotton candy. Phenomenal.So that seems to be the hottest pick on the market for the last year. Everybody and their grandmother has gone bananas. Cotton Candy is huge, and if that's not synonymous with the clowns, I don't know what the fuck is. We know who's representing 60 percent of their sales. They can kiss my ass. Insane Clown Posse saved that company and that's no bullshit. Coca-Cola and Pepsi would have buried those guys years ago if it wasn't for ICP and that's the honest-to-god truth.