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Atwater Summer Time Ale

Detroit’s own Atwater Block Brewery releases lemony wheat ale just in time for summer.


  • Courtesy photo.

It seems spring quickly passed us by, and the weather is now (sort of) beginning to resemble summer. That means it’s time to break out the barbecue grills and the slip ‘n’ slides, and crack open an icy cold summer brew. Detroit’s own Atwater Block Brewery has released its Summer Time Ale, a malty wheat ale brewed with lemons. Before you jump to conclusions about this beer being a rip-off of other popular shandies, give it a shot. Atwater’s refreshing recipe has a subtle lemon taste and a crisp hop profile without that sugary sweet, artificial lemonade flavor. On a sweltering day, when the humidity is 200 percent, a hot dog fresh off the grill and a bottle of Summer Time can can be as welcome as a cool breeze in the shade.