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THE RATING GAME — It started with a simple idea: invite masochistic exhibitionists to post their photos on the Internet, and enable the masses to rate them. Launched in October 2000, and find out if you’re a 10 (oh my goth!) or a 1 (khaki-wearin’ normie). You can also submit your mug to Am I Redneck or Not? (, Am I a Scary Clown or Not? (, and, inexplicably, Am I Bin Laden or Not? (

But why should humans have all the fun? The same 1-10 rating scale applies to, a cavity-inducing site if there ever was one. Cute kitten alums of this site have gone on to great fame in the realm of avatars and Photoshop gags, such as the orange kitten being held up with a pistol, or the animated kitties singing a White Stripes tune. There’s also for dog lovers, for glow stick fans, for the perpetually insecure and for those who scored high at

However, you might want to pass on and Some things, after all, are just better left unrated.

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