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Still pissed off about the last presidential election? Join the club. Or rather, join the folks at in taking a critical look at the way elections in our country are run (or mis-run). Black Box Voting is a nonprofit organization, billing itself as “the official consumer protection group for elections.” The site has a vast amount of information, from articles to independent research studies. There’s even an online think tank (which, as cool as it sounds, is really just a message board) where users are encouraged to brainstorm ideas for election reform and more accurate election tabulation systems.

They’ve got a sense of humor too: Check out the video of a chimpanzee “hacking” a program from the Diebold Election Systems.

Similar content can also be found at and for further proof of just how effed up our elections system can really be.

Speaking of nauseating stupidity, check this puppy out: a Web site far more disturbing than anything you could find on ... witness Be sure to check out the oh-so-stylish GWB baseball caps and bumper stickers. We’re shocked they don’t have 10-gallon cowboy hats too.

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