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Bellyacher in chief



News Hits returned from a long Thanksgiving weekend to find this message posted on the enviro-mich listserve by Dave Dempsey of the Michigan Environmental Council:

“It was interesting to read over the weekend in an online magazine that Governor Engler was stationed in Florida, supported by signs heckling Gore and Lieberman as ‘Sore Loserman,’ and acting as a spin doctor to say the election was over and that George W. Bush was president. He supposedly said Al Gore couldn’t handle defeat.

“Is this the same John Engler who two weeks ago was wailing about too many labor union members and African-Americans voting in this year’s Michigan general election, giving the state to Gore and Debbie Stabenow?”

Dempsey went on to make several more observations — including the whining that emanated from Lansing following several of the guv’s losing battles with the EPA — all preceded by the phrase, “Is this the same John Engler who …”

At first we thought maybe the guv had an evil twin, but we quickly realized that would necessitate there being a good twin somewhere, and there’s definitely no evidence of that.

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