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Bistro 82

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401 S, Lafayette Ave,, Royal Oak; 248-542-0082;

French bistro food — whether classical or nouveaux — has always revolved heavily around first courses, hors d’oeuvres, and the like. A procession: olives and cheese with a glass of wine while you consider; a few oysters, perhaps, then four lamb spare ribs (just enough, but not too much) with that all-too-delicious root beer flavor; then the bone marrow, and how about the tartare, because the lady loves it; next, the artichoke, and calamari; let’s finish with the foie pâté, and the duck sausage. Another round of oysters and some cocktails to clear your palate, perhaps? It is an evening of pure enjoyment, after all. By then, you’ve enjoyed far more of what the chefs and cooks are capable of, more of their art, than you ever would have had you simply gone to the plats principals. Then, of course, there’s beignets and after-dinner drinks to consider ...

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