Best Billionaire to Hit with a Cream Pie

Matty Moroun

Readers' Choice

We’ve spilled plenty of ink over Manuel “Matty” Moroun throughout the years. The grinch-like, goblin-faced billionaire owns and maintains, if you can call it that, the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor. The 86-year-old has viciously campaigned against a potential second span, funded almost entirely by the Canadian government. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has made the second bridge a priority of his administration, but Moroun, ever the greedy old man he is, has bought off a number of state lawmakers in a campaign to impede any sort of progress. By the looks of it, the bridge could be constructed by early next decade. In the meantime, we agree with our readers, Moroun deserves a cream pie or two — gently delivered right in the kisser.

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