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Michigan Central Station

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… But Detroit has been trying to demolish its way out of blight for almost 100 years. (How’s that going?) Plus, MCS isn’t standing in the way of anything, and it would be terrifically expensive to raze. As Corktown resident Putnam Weekley told us earlier this year: “I meet so-called enlightened people who say, ‘We should bomb that place and raze it to the ground.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, what are you going to replace it with?’ I kinda like the economy that’s built up around the train station. I mean, my whole life revolves around the train station. I’ve got my bank, the place I work, the grocery store, my house, my bar. It just circles me, and it’s beautiful.” So, yeah, maybe we should consider possibly saving Michigan Central Station! Hell, what about building it into an intermodal facility with commuter rail, light rail and buses, shops and office? Now that would be something. But …

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