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“Condiment: A substance, such as a sauce or spice, used to add flavor to food.” With that definition, it might be difficult to construe the egg as a condiment, since more often than not, an egg is eaten with condiments rather than as one. Make no mistake, however: The egg is the best condiment there is. Want to make your burger experience better? Add a fried egg! Vinsetta Garage puts a sunny-side up egg on a hot dog — sure to please. Perhaps you’re in the mood for pastrami? Check out Public House’s pastrami slider, topped with a sunny-side as well. Mop up the yolk with the bun as you eat. Rock City Eatery tops their poutine with a fried egg, sending their nontraditional take on the dish through the roof. Steak and eggs are good any time of the day, and if you’re at the right restaurant, you might be able to get an order for dinner. Let us not forget, of course, hollandaise sauce: Egg yolks are the star here, and twists are popular, like Bistro Joe’s jalapeƱo hollandaise on their crab cake Benedict. Simply put, if your food is good, put an egg on it: It’ll get better.

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