Best Dive Bar in Wayne County

TIE — The Bronx; 4476 Second Ave., Detroit; 313-832-8464; Old Miami; 3930 Cass Ave., Detroit; 313-831-3830

Readers' Choice

It’s a fine sign that the Bronx and the Old Miami share this accolade — both are Cass Corridor (sorry, Midtown) classics, and the Bronx has both the best jukebox and the best fried pickles in Detroit. The collage of worn military unit patches behind the bar will be the first thing to catch your eye when you take a seat in the Old Miami. The great prices and conversations will catch you next, tickling the right senses and making you feel like the “dive” isn’t preparing you for a crash landing. If you go past the stage, which typically holds Detroit’s up-and-coming indie artists, and go outside, you’ll see the spacious back yard, stylized for the type of lounging that’s usually saved for summer bonfires and late night rendezvous.

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