Best Example of the Local News Media Losing Its Collective Shit

George Cushingberry Jr.'s traffic stop

Staff Pick

Watching Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.'s traffic stop reverberate through the mainstream media and social networking for a week was an illuminating experience. Nothing stirs the pot of Detroit politics like a public official giving cops the business. Tut-tutting commentators wanted to call Cushingberry on the carpet when he was detained by Detroit cops after a night on the town. Some called for his resignation. A profane and defiant Cushingberry stood his ground, and we think he was within his rights to do so. That said, Cushingberry shouldn't be let off the hook entirely. There are solid reasons to doubt the man's probity as a politician. But these same news organizations who chastised him over a relatively trifling matter did not exactly tire themselves out reporting on Cush's past dealings in the run-up to an important election, did they? They have not yet uncovered any evidence of him misusing his office yet, have they? Perhaps Cush should cool it, but maybe Detroit's news media should do a bit less shaming and a little more reporting. Will they?

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