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Charles Alexander

Staff Pick

You might know him from his weekly "Parting Glances" column in Between the Lines and his LGBT advocacy; from exhibitions at the Detroit Institute of Arts and The Scarab Club; for cover stories he's written for Metro Times; or for his frequent position at the bar at Cass Cafe, perusing the tea chest. In recent years, lifelong artist and Cass Corridor resident Charles Alexander has created an average of one piece of his exquisite abstract art everyday and posted it on Facebook.

"I work intuitively and rather quickly," Alexander told Artwear Detroit of his line drawings and mixed media pieces. "I start with a geometric shape, a humorous or serious doodle, a fluid symbol fished from my subconscious, a newly minted hieroglyph or alphabet, sometimes a line expressive of energy and movement, and I proceed from there."

Alexander's work brings color and culture to our Facebook feed everyday, and a smile to our face.

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