Best Forgotten L. Brooks Patterson Quote

'The way it's going, in the next recount Kwame will have won,' to The Oakland Press during the mayoral recount-palooza during Detroit's 2013 election season

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Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson pissed off everyone from Detroit to Native American tribes in northern Michigan when a New Yorker magazine profile on the 75-year-old surfaced with some rather unpleasant remarks about Detroit. We gave Patterson some heat over the offensive quotes, but, occasionally, the county exec dishes a quip of note. For instance, we enjoyed the line he gave to The Oakland Press during the Detroit mayoral recount circus that took place last fall. When the votes went to Wayne County to be certified, the count swung 25,000 votes in the opposite direction for winner Mike Duggan, after the Board of Canvassers relented about invalidating thousands of write-in votes for, seemingly, no reason. Patterson — who, despite his chauvinist attitudes, possesses salty good humor — seized the moment and delivered a line worth remembering, one that has since been lost in the fray.

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