Best Homestyle Desserts

CAYA Smokehouse Grill; 1403 S. Commerce Rd., Walled Lake; 248-438-6741;

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First, a caveat: “Homestyle” desserts do not, by any means, take less technique, skill or effort to create, just because they’re “homestyle.” A good bread pudding is a difficult thing to get right, let alone coming up with new and clever ways to turn local products into a dazzling variety of recognizable and deceptively simple desserts. For this very reason, CAYA Smokehouse Grill employs an in-house pastry chef who produces simply incredible desserts, the perfect finish to a meal. One visit saw a rum-raisin-bread pudding brought to table: It was creamy, with just enough egg flavor to satisfy the custard lover, but not so much that the bread gets lost; a scoop of vanilla ice cream completed a delicious plate, exemplary of the quality to be found at CAYA.

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