Best Incoherent Ramblings From a Tea Party State Lawmaker

State Rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer)

Staff Pick

Gosh, if you want to understand why that drunk, rambling uncle on your mom's side babbles on about the most batshit of things, there's probably no better explanation than tea party darling Courser's newsletter. Elected in the most recent cycle, Courser provides Tolstoyan exercises in legislating, and much of it doesn't make sense. From the infamous controversy over seat arrangements (really), to his libertarian pleas on just about everything, Courser constructs sentences with such whack syntax, it really gives hope to those who wonder if they could ever serve in government. And, if you want to know where Courser's head is, he makes no bones about it, signing off each rant of bliblical proportions with "in Christ alone." Hell yeah, man.

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