Best Indie Grocery Store in Wayne County

Honey Bee, La Colmena; 2443 Bagley Ave., Detroit; 313-237-0295;

Readers' Choice

We dare you to get by the samples just inside the door of this southwest Detroit mercado. We’ve never seen anyone among Honey Bee’s wildly diverse customer base do it. The salsa, pico de gallo and peppy guacamole are just too tempting. Gringos, African-Americans and Spanish-speaking neighborhood residents … hipsters and working-classers … city folk and suburbanites … it’s a metro Detroit cross-section here, all enjoying the store offerings: perfectly ripened avocados, Mexican specialties made in-house and from local companies, piƱatas and everyday household wares. Honey Bee decisively shatters the myth that there are no worthwhile grocery stores in the city limits.

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