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Mike Duggan

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Perhaps no politician has won local newsies' hearts like Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. In truth, the media coronation of Duggan seemed to begin before he even threw his hat in the ring. It makes sense, in a way: The thought of a white guy winning the Detroit mayoralty would be great for banner headlines and historic newscasts. They've adored him ever since he won. But it was Riley's column following Duggan's State of the City that took the cake: The piece dripped with fawning optimism and waxed lyrical over a man whose mayoral powers were dramatically curtailed by an emergency manager, and who had only hung his hat in City Hall for seven weeks! But Riley raved, 'Without a teleprompter or prepared speech, he did what he did more than 200 times while running for office: He talked to people from his heart about their dream. ... Duggan wasn't Dave Bing, tentative, stilted. He wasn't Kwame Kilpatrick, arrogant, overly bold. Duggan was that guy, the one most companies have who gets the call to fix what no one else can. Sometimes, he's Joe. Sometimes, he's Bill. Or sometimes, he's Mike.' Come on. We're happy Big Mike is bringing such enthusiasm to the job he won, but give him a chance to run something other than his mouth before we shout 'Hallelujah!'

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