Best Musical Artist

Anna Burch

Staff Pick, Readers' Choice

We wouldn’t be doing our job if our readers weren’t hip to the musical stylings and happenings of indie angel Anna Burch. Burch, who landed a spot on our “Bands to Watch” roundup in 2017, became a Metro Times cover girl earlier this year, and is riding the wave of her successful debut record Quit the Curse with an extensive U.S. and European tour. What makes Burch’s music special, aside from her candid and confessionary storytelling, lo-fi sensibilities, and infectious hooks? The girl has a voice that surges with warmth even when putting an ex-lover on blast or calling herself out. “I was insecure for a long time about writing about heartbreak and relationships,” she told MT. “I didn’t want to fit into this trope of the broken woman. I kept feeling like, what do I have to even sing about? The world of the emotions is all there really is. I think writing the record I had to get over that feeling. I haven’t looked back since.” Looking ahead, Burch’s forecast is looking bright. We expect Burch and company to take the world by storm — or at least hold the umbrella while we cry because goddamn her lyrics cut deep. —Jerilyn Jordan

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