Best Neighborhood Pizzeria

Gracie See Pizzeria; 6889 Greenfield Rd., Detroit; 313-581-8070

Staff Pick

Parking in the blacktop lot, and entering the low-slung, wood paneled, kitsch-clogged interior, the visitor to Gracie See will most certainly be transported back to the 1970s. It’s surprising how little this venerable pizza spot, founded in 1969, has changed over the years. The rooms are patrolled by some servers who have worked there for many years, as well as by owner Grace Puleo, who still recognizes customers by face. There are some very unusual pies on the menu, including a BLT pizza, with slices with bacon cooked into it, heaped with mayo, chopped lettuce and tomato. It’s also surprising how good the other items on the menu are, as their kitchen prepares gnocchi that are firm, clean dumplings without a hint of the gooeyness that sometimes plagues the potato-based pasta. You don’t last 45 years on the block without earning it.

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