Best of Detroit 2003

Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “character” as “one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual.” Also, as “the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group or nation.” And finally, as “a person marked by notable and conspicuous traits.”

“The Best of Detroit 2003” is subtitled “A character study.” It’s all about character.

We’ve selected a cross section of individuals marked by notable and conspicuous traits and asked them to share their stories and provide a few of their own personal “Best of Detroit” selections. Their responses — from favorite nightclubs and restaurants to neighborhoods, community organizations and sports idols — are reflections of themselves, and of the character of this place we call Detroit.

The cast — 16 characters in all — has been beautifully photographed by Chris Gustafson, a Dearborn native who now resides in Redford. He has no formal photography training, but since winning the top prize in Metro Times’ 2002 Photo Contest, Gustafson has completed numerous assignments for the publication, including eight covers. (His Web site is Gustafson’s renderings leave little doubt — the guy’s a character.

Kelly Brown
David and Matt Lee
James Carter
Chuck Costa
'Papa Joe' Zainea
Louis E. Jones
Dave Buick
Jeremy Harvey
Stacey Thomas
Devin Scillian
Elena Herrada
John Conyers
Mick Collins

Goods & Services
What to get and where to get it.

Best Food
Sooner or later, you have to eat.

Best Nightlife
Where to go when you don’t want to stay home.

Best Civic Pride
Every day in every way, we are getting better and better.

Readers’ Picks
You called ’em, we counted ’em.

Worst of the Best
You can’t be serious — or are you?

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