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DV8 Body Art

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1531 Union Lake Rd., Commerce Charter Twp.; 248-363-8882;

Tiffany Diamond is especially proud of her specialty piercing studio in Commerce Township.

“I think a lot of people do it because they really love the jewelry,” she says. “I just loved the idea of having another spot where I could put a diamond or gem. The first time saw a tongue piercing, I was like, ‘You can put jewelry in your mouth?’ Until then I had only seen a gold tooth or a gem in the tooth.”

Another reason to put your trust in Diamond is that DV8 stocks only the finest jewelry. “My studio carries only high quality, American-made, nickel-free jewelry, with genuine gemstones and diamonds,” she says. “I’m one of a few stores in Michigan that does not carry any lower-end stuff.”

The sort of piercings Diamond offers wouldn’t work so well if the jewelry hadn’t evolved with the times. Though punks in the 1980s might have sported a safety pin in the ear, contemporary designs are softer and sexier, more evocative than provocative.

“Piercing jewelry has come a long way,” Diamond says. “They’ve come up with a lot of different things you can do. Thirty years ago, it was hard to find ornate piercing jewelry with diamonds and gold. These days, I sell gold and diamonds every day. It’s not just putting spiky stuff in people’s ears anymore.” —Michael Jackman

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