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TIE — Dequindre Cut; Between Orleans and St. Aubin streets, from Gratiot Avenue to Atwater Street;; Kensington Park; 2240 W. Buno Rd., Milford; 248-685-1561;

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We’re excited about proposed plans to expand the Dequindre Cut Greenway, a 1.35-mile long strip that connects the riverfront to Eastern Market. Opened in 2009 in what used to be a sub-surface Grand Trunk Railroad line, the Dequindre has separate lanes for pedestrians and bicyclists and has plenty of room for everyone along the 20-foot-wide paved pathway. The turning of the riverfront into a public place has been one of the biggest improvements to Detroit in recent years, and the cut is part of that. The numerous, beautiful trails that stretch out from Kensington Park always draw votes from readers, thanks to the paved, 8.5-mile path lined with hills, inclines and miles of panoramic views surrounding picturesque Kent Lake.

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