Best Place to Learn to Love Wings

The Meeting House; 301 S. Main St., Rochester; 248-759-4825;

Staff Pick

You’ve heard the excuses about chicken wings before: There are too many bones. They’re messy. I don’t like Buffalo sauce. I don’t like to eat with my hands. I’ve never really liked chicken all that much. Silence them all with one visit to the Meeting House. Shoot for happy hour if you can, when the wings are sold by the piece, but don’t pass up any opportunity to feed your friends these fried delights. Chef Chris Johnson doesn’t mess around with this dish: The wings are brined, cold-smoked, wood-roasted, and then deep-fried to order. The skin is left on, and cooks down to a crispy bit of heaven. The wings are then anointed with the holiest of culinary oils, white truffle, and tossed with Parmesan and toasted garlic. These wings are so full of flavor that the bones, and the eating with your hands, and the mess, are all worth it. Order your wing-hating friends an extra order right off the bat so they don’t have to beg for more.

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