Best Private Contractor Serving Meals in Michigan Prisons to Get Rid Of


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Where in the goddamn hell do you begin with this? Aramark, a private contractor brought on to rid the Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of hundreds of public employees, has stirred up one controversy after another. We could create another category here in the most mindblowing Aramark allegation. There was the issue of maggots being served on the chow line. Some shrugged it off. Then, reports exposed numerous employees have had sex with inmates. Oops. Worse (better?), someone revealed a murder-for-hire plot, in which an Aramark employee allegedly asked an inmate to take care of business. The latest is an employee ordered a kitchen worker to serve cake obviously eaten by rodents. Of course! Rodents. Who cares? Boot Aramark like it should've been months ago.

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