Best Reason for Gov. Snyder to Recognize Legally Performed Gay Marriages

Because you can't stop change

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The case brought by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to support the state's discriminatory same-sex marriage ban was a clumsy, embarrassing farce. So we were overjoyed to see the courts shoot down the ban last month and open the opportunity for same-sex couples to legally marry, making Michigan the 18th state in the nation to do so. Nearly 300 couples wed the day after the ruling was issued, with four county clerks opening their doors to issue marriage licenses. But one day later, Schuette's request to halt additional same sex marriages until a full appeals case could be heard was granted, leaving those 'married' couples in legal limbo. Gov. Rick Snyder opted to handle the situation in the most mealy-mouthed way possible, saying that the marriages were legal but would not be recognized by Michigan while the stay was upheld. Please, Rick: You can claim you're simply upholding the state's constitution, but as a businessman politician you must understand there's no percentage in this shameful stalling. Michiganders will look back on this moment 10 years from now and wonder what you were thinking — so, at the very least, until that appeals case is heard, those 300 couples should be offered their legal rights and protection under state law. They are married in 17 other states already; why not when they're home?

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