Best Reason to Halt the Expansion of I-94

Fix what’s there first

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Much has been said over the proposed billion-dollar expansion of I-94 between I-96 and Conner Avenue in Detroit. The chief complaint: Widening the freeway would expand the physical gap separating New Center from Midtown at a time when the latter is bursting at the seams with development and investment prepared to spill every which way. The proposed demolition of a couple of pedestrian bridges would make getting around town more difficult for non-motorists. We’ve yet to hear a reasonable explanation for simply doing the upkeep to maintain the freeway — seriously, some of those overpasses need work — in its current state, rather than expand it an additional lane in each direction, as transit planners intend. MT readers felt the same: Fix the damn thing, sure, but focus on what’s there already before expanding the freeway’s footprint.

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