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Golden Fleece | Pegasus Tavernas (TIE)

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Golden Fleece : 525 Monroe St., Detroit; 313-962-7093

There is no doubt the Golden Fleece is where it's at in Greektown. They might not be fancy, but they carve that meat off the spit right before your eyes, the service is impeccable, and there's Old World charm in spades. Oh, and that flaming cheese — it's delicious.

Pegasus Tavernas: 558 Monroe St., 313-964-6800,

Not long after man discovered fire he went looking for something to cook. Meat was among the first and best options. But not long after, he set his sights on cooking cheese. That man was Greek and the result was saganaki, of which you'll find no better variety in all of Detroit or Greektown than at Pegasus Taverna. Opa, indeed, thanks to over three decades of authentic Greek fare.

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