Best Self-Destruction of a Hypocrite Politician

Todd Courser

Staff Pick

The story was so bizarre that it wouldn't have been believed without an audio recording confirming it: Knowing that his heterosexual affair with fellow Tea Party legislator Cindy Gamrat was bound to be revealed, homophobic, holy-rolling state Rep. Todd Courser hatched a wild scheme to circulate an email alleging that he was a bisexual cruiser who was spotted having gay sex behind a Lansing bar. He tried to convince an aide to help move the ruse forward, believing that his God-fearing followers would surely be pleased to learn that it was all a lie, and that all Courser was doing was diddling fellow Cindy Gamrat. (Makes sense, huh?) It became a glorious farce that ended with two antigay politicians' careers going down in gorgeous, rainbow-colored flames.

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