Best Slogan for Mike Duggan's 2018 Gubernatorial Run

I mean, it just feels right.

Staff Pick

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will tell you point-blank he has no interest in the governor's seat, but let's be real: Dude's clearly got his eye on Lansing, and, if the positive press keeps up, who's to say he can't make it happen? When the time comes, we assume he'll unravel a lighthearted campaign of, "Look what I did in Detroit!" and, "Well, it just felt like the right thing to do." He certainly has the frame of mind of a machine politician who's as dead set on turning around Detroit as he is aspirational. Or, perhaps, he'll take all the catch phrases from his mayoral run and cobble them together into one: Restructuring-turnaround-artist-underdog-candidate-former-CEO Duggan for Governor. Who knows. He's running. Bet on it.

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