Best Snacks in a Microbrewery

Falling Down Beer Company; 2270 E. 10 Mile Rd., Warren; 586-799-BREW;

Staff Pick

Falling Down is the newest of a clutch of really great craft beer outposts in Warren. From eight taps flows a rotating menu of brews in a classic range of light to dark. They’re not overcarbonated, and they’re suprisingly poundable, including a blond with Balaton cherry notes, or the malt-forward D-IPA. And the food doesn’t fall down on the job. Though the pub is located in a former Arby’s, the bar food is anything but industrial fare. The hand-cut fries can come with the brewery’s special “pub cheese,” a mixture of beer and cheese that must mark some sort of new decadence in condiments. Even their Thousand Island dressing is made in-house. And, finally, the deep-fried Reuben egg rolls are proof that 1 billion people can be wrong.

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