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Warholak Tire Service; 9411 McGraw St., Detroit; 313-582-5544

Staff Pick

Brothers Paul and Michael Warholak serve their customers the old-fashioned way: one at a time, with a little good-natured scolding and teasing. Their customers accept the brothers’ ribbing with such aplomb because the family-owned business has a reputation for steering customers right. That mixture of decency and drollery is what’s kept the tire salon open and in the family for an astonishing 82 years. But the joking is serious business; as Michael puts it, “If somebody comes into my place for the first time, I try to make a point of listening to what they’re saying. And I try to lighten it up a little bit so they can see I’m human and I’m not just some guy there to take their money. Being a family business helps. I think people come in expecting a little more personal attention.”

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