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The Heidelberg Project fires and who's behind them

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Numerous fires have broken out at the internationally known Heidelberg Project since last year, decimating the art installation. And even after the organization behind the project put together a successful fundraising drive to raise money for security, we've seen more fires, and more destroyed art houses. Law enforcement officials from the state and even the feds have gotten involved, but the culprits behind the incessant fires remain at large. And Heidelberg hasn't had it easy until now. City officials have given Heidelberg creator Tyree Guyton flak for years, as the project is scattered across city-owned properties and, to some, is an eyesore. But considering it's existed as a positive light during some of the city's lowest points in recent history, we've appreciated having the Heidelberg around. We suspect that most would agree; each time a fire broke out, a little piece of our hearts burned down too.

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