Best Venue to Hang in, Even (or Especially) When No Bands Are Playing

Painted Lady;

Staff Pick

Look, this place often has some of the best punk, metal and alt-rock bands in the region on its stage, regularly under the careful eye of Timmy Lampinen (of Human Eye). If you like open-air cocktails and a good place to bring your six-week-old child, stay far away. But if you dare step back into the 20th century for a night, the bar can be a donnybrook of drunkards, rockers, roving dogs and general anarchy, even when there’s nobody on stage. It’s paradise for those who want to see an old-school dive bar rock ’n’ roll show without being surrounded by backpacks. But show up on a night when nobody’s playing, do a shot with the bar staff, and you’ll find that this place is a paradise, period.

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