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Blood Brothers Trilogy features medleys of songs from classic 1980s films — and it is awesome



This is one of the most outrageous compilations of music we've heard this year. It's called "The Blood Brothers Trilogy," and it's a series of three medleys of some music from classic 1980s films featuring competition, martial arts, and action, along with a few goofs (such as America Police's "Montage"). It seemed like every motion picture of the decade featured this sort of music while the credits were rolling, some four-minute number with blistering guitar solos, shimmering synthesizers, electronic drum machines, and some sweaty dude with a headband singing his guts out. Depending on your personal irony factor, this could be a hilarious soundtrack for an afternoon of toking, a somewhat ironic workout tape, or totally your new soundtrack. Check it out here on Soundcloud.