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Detail: Julia’s Jewels is your destination for rocks, fossils, gems and minerals at the Gibraltar Trade Center



One of the most intriguing –and arguably most educational- stands in the Mount Clemens Gibraltar is Julia's Jewels. Run by husband and wife, Stan and Julia Staniszewski, this is your destination for rocks, fossils, gems, and minerals. They even have a tortoise carved out of petrified wood sitting upon the counter. Another attraction is the cabinet that holds what appear to be your run-of-the mill chunks of rock. However, when Stan flips the switch, the rocks are bathed in ultraviolet light, revealing beautiful, fluorescent striations and specks in the formations.

Many of the pieces that Julia's offers have actually been mined by the couple themselves. With the help of rock expert and guide, Joel Vicary, Julia and Stan go on excursions at least twice a year to collect rocks. The couple is not only friendly, but also incredibly knowledgeable of the stones with which they work.

The focus of Julia's Jewels is the gorgeous, handmade jewelry. Julia designs and manufactures exquisite pieces, many of which feature rocks, stones and minerals mined in Michigan and Canada. One of the imported stones with which she works is lapis, the semi-precious stone that is found in Afghanistan. Known for its vibrant, blue color, lapis makes striking jewelry, which is prominently featured among the necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and gauge plugs that Julia's offers.