Detroit SlutWalk

When: Sat., Aug. 12, 1 p.m. 2017

The SlutWalk is part of a worldwide movement of protest marches aimed at ending rape culture and victim-blaming experienced by survivors of sexual assault. The protests, which center around women dressed in sexy attire or in some instances nothing at all, intend to send the message that no matter what a woman is wearing, it does not imply sexual consent. SlutWalk participants also aspire to take ownership of the word “slut,” redefining it from a slur used to blame victims of sexual assault to a word of empowerment. The event is hosted by the Metro-Detroit Political Action Network. Co-founder Adriene Avripas says she decided to host the event — the first in the city since 2012 — to confront the misogyny she has felt in her career, her dating life, and in society at large.