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Diamonds are forever


Summer, 1945-1985 (Self-Portrait @ Tiger Stadium).
Photographer Carl Schurer saw his first Tigers game as a kid in 1945, then kept going back for more than 50 years. He took the 200 shots of this large (5'x7') photo-collage during four games in the summer of '85.

Frank Lary, the Yankee killer – Willie Horton, the Colossus of the Batter’s Box – Al Kaline, moving like Fred Astaire through each phase of the game – Sparky Anderson, finest skipper of them all – Mickey Lolich putting every pound into the torque of his curve – Stormin’ Norman, the Gator, Tram and Sweet Lou.

Saying goodbye to the perfect corner of Michigan and Trumbull, goodbye geometry of heaven on earth. We’ll remember those joyous, packed, pennant-race bleachers and the lovely lethargy of a hot summer evening when the boys were dead last.

It all blends together – the sounds, the smells, the heart-stopping vision of big open green. And when the umpire dusts off home plate that one last time, it will all matter forever.