Maestro Dobel

The first-ever multi-aged clear tequila, Maestro Dobel is a fairly new player in the agave scene. Founded in 2008, the brand was created by Domingo "Dobel" Beckmann, the 11th generation leader of Jose Cuervo. He worked with master tequila distillers Marco Anguiano and Luis Yerenas, which is where the "maestro" in Maestro Dobel comes from.

Dobel is a mix of one-year-old reposado, two-year-old añejo, and three-year-old extra añejo tequila, blended in European white oak barrels. Later, the mix is filtered to remove all color and blended with 100 percent pure blue agave in Jalisco, Mexico.

Just a year after its initial release, Bloomberg Businessweek declared Dobel to be one of the world's best-tasting tequilas. Since then it's continued to garner praise, accolades, and awards.

Recently, at Metro Times' second annual Agave Assault cocktail-making contest, winner Ana Juarez of Detroit's El Zocalo used Maestro Dobel to craft the evening's winning drink. The experienced bartender — she's been with the tequila bar and taqueria for a decade now — used ingredients like apples, ginger, and tamarind to create a bold, unique drink.

To re-create her award-winning beverage at home, check out the recipe below. Would you rather get one made by the cocktail's mastermind? You'll find Juarez whipping them up at Tequila Mundo at Royal Oak Farmers Market on Saturday, May 16.

Drink Recipe
Apple Tamarita

1.5 ounces Maestro Dobel silver infused with apples and ginger 1.5 ounces tamarind syrup Half-ounce Ancho Reyes Chile Licor 1.5 ounces green apple juice

Shake with ice and strain. Pour into martini glasses. Garnish with apple slices.